( A Multipurpose Agricultural Machine )



MANNIRA is capable of doing different tasks related to various agricultural practices such as
ploughing, transplanting, irrigation, harvesting, grain seperation winnowing and milling.
As mentioned above MANNIRA is a All-in-one machine which can replace the use of number of
single task machines and there by increases profit and ease of doing different tasks.
Hence we expect a great revolutionary change in the field of agriculture which is under depletion.

Our Team

Our Project has become successful solely due to the
hardwork and passion of our team members

Works done by Mannira


For the purpose of ploughing, plougher blades is attached to the machine. So that at the time of movement of machine ,this blade ploughs over the soil surface.


A fork is designed which moves parallel to plate and its motion is obtained by quick return mechanism. The sliding fork hits at the root of plants and they gets penetrated to the soil at necessary intervals.


A centrifugal pump is attached to the machine. Here a belt is connected between engine main shaft and centrifugal pump shaft.


The irrigation pump is also used as pesticide sprayer by keeping the suction pipe to a tank containing pesticide.


Here we use a compact rotating fin included machine. Drive is made by using belt connected between main shaft of engine and machine.


Seperates the grain from the other residues collected just after harvesting.


Here we use a compact milling machine. Drive is made by using belt connected between main shaft of engine and milling machine. The shaft of the miller is connected to engine by means of belt and pulley mechanism.


seperates the husk from grains collected by means of a strong blast of air.

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